Friday, 20 November 2009

NYTimes style guide

We were very pleased to be included in last weeks NewYork Times style guide see link


  1. I want to buy these immediately. Where is the least expensive place I can find them in the US? Are there School Discounts? I am getting ready to retire as an art educator for 37 years and would like to become a representative for how to use these in schools. Who should I talk to? Are samples ever given out to test? Our school system is 12th largest in the US. I have put KevaPlanks and Toobers and Zots in all of our 134 elementary schools and would like to do the same with your product. I can be reached at or or my cell phone is 703-786-9372. I will be in Italy in July and could come to the UK if necessary. I think your product has so much potential in the educational arena and I am your person to promote it.

    Thanks so much. Ann Erickson

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