Saturday 3 August 2013

Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Earlier this year our phone rang and a strange accented Icelandic woman began to talk to me about how she loved our toys and how she loved playing with them with her child. She explained that she wanted to use PlayShapes on her album cover. Interested in this I asked her if I could hear some of her music. Yes you can and she started spelling her name E..m...i...l and then it all fell into place, we had been listening to Emilianas music for many years especially "Fisherman's wife", There was a special time before supper and bedtime that we used to regularly play it, We all used to love the calmness that it brought.
The new Album is called “Tookah” is a made-up word that carries the weight of multiple meanings and holds a revered significance to the musician. “It is the core of you. The ‘you’ when you were born before life decorated you like a Christmas tree with all your baggage. It is what connects us with everyone and everything,” she explained. “Some call it god. I call mine Tookah.” The album comes out in September, you can hear one of the songs here. Art direction - Age of reason, Photography - Capture Factory & Claire Pepper, Toys - MillerGoodman

Thursday 28 March 2013

Instant FaceMaker

Cool tutorial by Carl the talking piece of cardboard showing how its possible to create hundreds of faces. Viva le imagination.

Monday 22 October 2012

MillerGoodman @ Piet Hein Eek, Dutch Design Week 2012

When Piet Hein Eek called us up earlier this year to invite us to show in his Factory on the outskirts of Eindhoven nothing could prepare us for the scale of his operation.  His 10,000sq metre factory started out as a Philips manufacturing plant.  Town planners had decided to flatten it to develop a residential area but Piet managed to raise the finances to buy the site. After two years of incessant work Piet and his team have realised almost the impossible.  The site includes a showroom, gallery space restaurant, factory, shop, office space for his team and spaces for other artisans to rent. We were made to feel part of the family and are happy to be exhibiting there as part of Dutch Design Week. Pop along if you can. 20th-28th October

Friday 24 August 2012

British Design Awards shortlist 2012

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for this years British Design Awards for our block toy FaceMaker. We are amongst 30 other designers and brands. Take a look here at the shortlist British design awards and of course it would make us happy if you voted for us here.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Just Married

We have a bit of an announcement to make. We are now officially called the millergoodmans. We were married last Saturday after being together for 15 years and we are incredibly happy and grateful to all our friends and family for sharing an amazing day of love and laughter together. As a token of our love for each other and a celebration of giving we are for the next 2 weeks offering a 20% discount off everything in our shhhop if you enter the code 230612 (The date of our wedding) at checkout you will be eligable for the discount. This code will expire on Thursday the 12th of July at 10am. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
love David & Zoe

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Telegraph Magazine

A nice review of our recent exhibition in Milan in the Sunday Telegraph's design special.
Text reads as follows. Best use of materials Miller Goodman is a design duo that specialises in products for children, from its PlayShapes made from colourful wooden blocks to a series of books made for Tate. Fun though these 'totems' may look, they are part of a series of art pieces that Zoe Miller and David Goodman made from salvaged materials and exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi. The character and expression conveyed with offcuts of wood scraps of tin, old springs and bits of wood is extraordinary. (

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Showing at Rossana Orlandi Milan

Wow what an amazing space Rossana Orlandi has and what a treat to be in Milan for design week. We are showing alongside 40 other designers in this beautiful old tie factory.

The work we have done for the exhibition reveals the creative process behind our latest book ‘Faces’, showcasing some of the original pieces made for the book, along with new works. The exhibited sculptures combine re-appropriated objects and old toy parts. Some of the pieces have articulated moving parts, allowing them to be configured in different ways. Also featured is a totem pole made from 196 blocks of ShapeMaker.