Saturday 3 August 2013

Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Earlier this year our phone rang and a strange accented Icelandic woman began to talk to me about how she loved our toys and how she loved playing with them with her child. She explained that she wanted to use PlayShapes on her album cover. Interested in this I asked her if I could hear some of her music. Yes you can and she started spelling her name E..m...i...l and then it all fell into place, we had been listening to Emilianas music for many years especially "Fisherman's wife", There was a special time before supper and bedtime that we used to regularly play it, We all used to love the calmness that it brought.
The new Album is called “Tookah” is a made-up word that carries the weight of multiple meanings and holds a revered significance to the musician. “It is the core of you. The ‘you’ when you were born before life decorated you like a Christmas tree with all your baggage. It is what connects us with everyone and everything,” she explained. “Some call it god. I call mine Tookah.” The album comes out in September, you can hear one of the songs here. Art direction - Age of reason, Photography - Capture Factory & Claire Pepper, Toys - MillerGoodman

Thursday 28 March 2013

Instant FaceMaker

Cool tutorial by Carl the talking piece of cardboard showing how its possible to create hundreds of faces. Viva le imagination.