Sunday, 20 September 2009

We got Gold

We are very proud to have received a gold award for ShapeMaker with a score from the judges of 94% at the 2009 Practical Pre-School awards, This is our first industry toy award.
The awards are tested by professionals in the childcare sector and children themselves across several categories. What the testers said: "Children Loved this product, with the young ones making pictures from the patterned blocks and the older ones timing each other to see who was fastest. There were lots of different pictures to create, which really tested the children's thought processes as they had to get specific bricks for each picture. It promoted good team work and sharing skills, with the children taking it in turns to find pieces and choose pictures to put together. An all round great product."


  1. yayy! congratulations! It looks like so much fun.

  2. These are something I want as an art teacher, but I live in the United States. How do I get them? Please let us know the cost including shipping or let us know if we can get them in the US.
    Ann Erickson